I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in psychotherapy and diagnostic assessment.  I see psychotherapy as a collaboration between the therapist and client, where we work together to meet your goals.

I am committed to providing ethical care in a safe and trusting environment.  I work with my clients to help them build the skills they need to improve their lives and relationships.  Through therapy, we work toward goals that help each client live a life that is balanced, fulfilling, and consistent with their values.  

My goal in therapy is to help clients better understand what may be contributing to their current distress, and make changes that allow them to find meaning, purpose, and growth.


Dr. Becker provides specialty services for transgender clients including:  psychological evaluations and support letters for hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgeries.  Dr. Becker is located in St. Louis, but is able to accommodate out-of-town patients.

Dr. Becker is an adjunct faculty member at Webster University.  Courses taught include:  Death & Dying, and Religion, Stress & Coping.  

Dr. Becker has appeared as a guest psychologist on the Rizzuto Show (105.7 The Point):  "Dr. Lori on the Rizz Show."


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